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Strengthening Mask

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Fortify and nourish your hair with Kerasilk Specialists Strengthening Mask.

Made for: Damaged Hair

Helps with: Hair Loss, Hair Breakage

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Strengthening Mask
Strengthening Mask
Strengthening Mask
Strengthening Mask
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Product Details


Experience the power of salon-quality hair care with the Kerasilk Specialists Strengthening Mask. This luxurious hair mask is designed to strengthen and fortify your locks, leaving them looking healthy and vibrant.

Ideal for both men and women, this unisex hair mask is suitable for adults of all ages. Its specially formulated blend of ingredients works to deeply nourish and repair damaged hair, bringing back its natural beauty and shine.

With a generous size of 200 ml, this mask provides ample product to ensure complete coverage and maximum results.

Key Benefits:

  • Strengthens and fortifies hair, reducing breakage and split ends.
  • Nourishes and hydrates hair, leaving it feeling soft and silky.
  • Restores elasticity to hair, making it more resilient and resistant to damage.
  • Enhances hair's natural shine and vibrancy.
  • Improves overall hair health, resulting in a more manageable and beautiful mane.

Unlock the secret to strong, healthy hair with the Kerasilk Specialists Strengthening Mask. Transform your locks and enjoy the confidence that comes with having stunning, salon-worthy hair. Order online today and experience the difference for yourself!

How to Use

Step 1: Start with clean, towel-dried hair: Before applying the Kerasilk Specialists Strengthening Mask, make sure your hair is clean and damp, either after shampooing or rinsing.
Step 2: Apply the mask generously: Take a generous amount of the Strengthening Mask and distribute it evenly through your hair, focusing on the mid-lengths to ends.
Step 3: Leave it on for 10-15 minutes: Allow the mask to penetrate deeply into your hair. For best results, cover your hair with a shower cap or wrap it in a warm towel to enhance the effectiveness of the mask.
Step 4: Rinse thoroughly: After the recommended time, rinse your hair thoroughly with lukewarm water to remove the mask. Make sure to remove all product residue.
Step 5: Style as desired: Once your hair is clean and free of the mask, you can proceed to style it as you normally would. Feel the strength and vitality in your hair as you enjoy a soft, silky, and vibrant mane.
Pro Tips:
For an extra boost of hydration, leave the mask on overnight and rinse in the morning.
Use the Strengthening Mask once or twice a week, depending on your hair's needs.
For optimal results, use in combination with other Kerasilk Specialists hair care products.
Avoid applying the mask directly to the roots to prevent weighing down your hair.

Care Guide

1. Apply evenly: To ensure maximum effectiveness, apply the Kerasilk Specialists Strengthening Mask evenly throughout your hair, focusing on the ends where damage is most likely to occur.
2. Use sparingly: A little goes a long way with this powerful hair mask. Avoid using excessive amounts to prevent product buildup and to prolong the shelf-life of your mask.
3. Rinse thoroughly: After allowing the mask to work its magic, make sure to rinse your hair thoroughly to remove any leftover product. This will help maintain the health and cleanliness of your hair. 4. Store upright: To prevent any leakage or spills, store the Strengthening Mask upright in a cool, dry place. This will help preserve its quality and ensure it lasts longer.

Active Ingredients

A powerful blend of nourishing and strengthening ingredients:
- Hydrolyzed Keratin: Penetrates deep into the hair shaft to strengthen and fortify, reducing breakage and split ends. This protein-rich ingredient helps to rebuild and repair damaged hair, leaving it healthier and more resilient.
- Argan Oil: Packed with vitamins and antioxidants, argan oil nourishes and hydrates the hair, restoring moisture and softness. It also helps to improve elasticity, making the hair more resistant to damage and breakage.
- Silk Proteins: Known for their smoothing and conditioning properties, silk proteins leave the hair feeling soft, silky, and more manageable. They also enhance the hair's natural shine and vibrancy, giving it a healthy and radiant appearance.
- Panthenol: Also known as provitamin B5, panthenol helps to improve overall hair health by moisturizing and nourishing the scalp. It strengthens the hair follicles, promoting hair growth and reducing hair loss.
Experience the transformative power of the Kerasilk Specialists Strengthening Mask. This luxurious hair mask combines the benefits of hydrolyzed keratin, argan oil, silk proteins, and panthenol to provide deep nourishment, repair damage, and enhance the natural beauty of your hair. Add it to your hair care routine today and unlock the secret to strong, healthy, and beautiful locks.

Ingredients List

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*Ingredients are subject to change. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, refer to the product packaging.*

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