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Mild Nail Polish Remover

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Efficient Nail Polish Remover for Clean and Prep Nails

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Mild Nail Polish Remover
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Product Details


The Mild Nail Polish Remover by Mavala is the perfect addition to your nail accessory collection. Its classical and efficient formula is designed to quickly and easily remove polish from all nails, except fragile and delicate ones. This unisex nail polish remover is available in a convenient 100 ml plastic bottle, making it easy to use and store.

  • Efficiently removes nail polish, leaving your nails clean and ready for a fresh coat.
  • Gentle on your nails, suitable for all nails except fragile and delicate ones.
  • The liquid formulation ensures easy application and fast results.
  • Vegan formula, making it a cruelty-free and ethical choice.

Say goodbye to stubborn nail polish with the Mild Nail Polish Remover by Mavala. Whether you're a professional nail artist or a nail enthusiast, this nail polish remover is a must-have in your nail care routine. Its mild yet effective formula ensures that your nails are clean and prepped for your next fabulous manicure.

Get salon-quality results at the comfort of your own home with the Mild Nail Polish Remover by Mavala. Don't let old and chipped nail polish ruin your look, experience the convenience of this efficient and gentle nail polish remover today.

How to Use

Step 1: Open the bottle: Unscrew the cap of the Mild Nail Polish Remover by Mavala to open the bottle.
Step 2: Apply to a cotton pad: Pour a small amount of the nail polish remover onto a cotton pad. Step 3: Gently rub the cotton pad on your nails: Press the cotton pad onto each nail and rub gently in a circular motion to remove the nail polish.
Step 4: Repeat if necessary: If there are any remaining traces of nail polish, repeat step 3 until your nails are clean.
Step 5: Rinse your hands: After removing the nail polish, rinse your hands with water to remove any residue.
Pro Tips:
- For best results, use a fresh cotton pad for each nail to avoid spreading old nail polish onto the clean nails.
- If you have fragile or delicate nails, consider using a more gentle nail polish remover specifically designed for sensitive nails.
- Follow up with a moisturizing nail treatment or cuticle oil to keep your nails healthy and hydrated after removing the polish.

Care Guide

1. Store upright in a cool, dry place: To ensure the longevity of your Mild Nail Polish Remover, store it in an upright position in a cool and dry area. This will help maintain its effectiveness and prevent any leakage.
2. Secure the cap tightly: After each use, make sure to tightly close the bottle to prevent air and moisture from entering. This will help preserve the quality of the nail polish remover and prevent it from drying out.
3. Avoid direct sunlight: Keep the Mild Nail Polish Remover away from direct sunlight, as exposure to UV rays can degrade its formula. Opt for a storage spot that is shielded from sunlight to maintain its potency.
4. Use a cotton pad or swab: When applying the nail polish remover, use a cotton pad or swab for precise and efficient removal. This will minimize product waste and ensure that you only use the necessary amount for each application.
5. Do not use on fragile or delicate nails: While the Mild Nail Polish Remover is suitable for most nails, it is not recommended for fragile or delicate nails. Be mindful of the condition of your nails and opt for a gentler alternative if needed.

Active Ingredients

Key Ingredients:
- Acetone: A powerful solvent that effectively removes nail polish, leaving your nails clean and ready for a fresh coat.
- Ethyl Acetate: A mild and gentle ingredient that helps to dissolve and remove nail polish without causing damage to your nails.
- Propylene Glycol: A liquid formulation that ensures easy application and fast results, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly remove your nail polish.
- Glycerin: A moisturizing ingredient that helps to keep your nails and cuticles hydrated, preventing them from drying out during the removal process.
Experience the power of the Mild Nail Polish Remover by Mavala. Enriched with a combination of acetone and ethyl acetate, this gentle yet effective formula effortlessly removes even the toughest nail polish, leaving your nails clean and ready for your next manicure. The liquid formulation, infused with propylene glycol, ensures easy application and fast results, making your nail polish removal process a breeze.
Not only does the Mild Nail Polish Remover by Mavala deliver salon-quality results, but it also values ethical choices. With its vegan formula, you can enjoy the convenience of a cruelty-free nail polish remover that is gentle on your nails and the environment. Say goodbye to old and chipped nail polish and say hello to clean and prepped nails with the Mild Nail Polish Remover by Mavala.

Ingredients List

Acetone, Water (Aqua), Butyl Acetate, Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Green 6 (CI 61565)
*Ingredients are subject to change. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, refer to the product packaging.*

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